• Dimitar Dimov

Our founder is awarded with Forbes 30 Under 30

To mark a successful of end of 2019, Concrene Limited is delighted to announce that our founder Dr Dimitar Dimov was nominated and featured in this year's Bulgaria Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Dimitar and Boryana Uzunova - co-founder at Kool & Konscious - were selected as the top two of the list to give a long interview for Forbes and present their startups and entrepeneurial achievements.

This is a prestigious recognition for Dimitar, as Concrene is being featured as a successful example of taking an innovation out of the Research lab straight into the industry via an University spin-off company.

The article describes the journey that Dimitar went through since 2014 when he first started working on the graphene reinforced concrete project and serves as an inspiration to other young founders in the startup community.

Concrene Limited is very grateful to Milena Petkova, CEO of Karoll Knowledge Foundation, for the nomination.

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