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Concrene Limited Provides An Update on US Patent Grant

Tuesday, 24th May 2022 - Concrene Limited is pleased to announce the grant of the strategic US patent “Graphene Reinforced Concrete”, number 11,339,093. The patent is part of the family WO2019175564A, which has priority as of 16th March 2018, number GB201804261A.

The patent protects the invention of reinforcing concrete with graphene. More specifically, the invention of uniformly distributing graphene within concrete wherein the graphene is dispersed in the water, used for the formation of concrete, at specific dosing concentrations.

For avoidance of doubt, Table 1 provides examples of how one would apply the dosing concentrations specified in Claim 1 in a practical application. Typically, 1 cubic metre (m3) of concrete uses about 320 kilograms of cement, or binders, and a water-to-cement ratio of 0.4 resulting in 128 litres of water per m3*.

Using a graphene dosage concentration of 0.5 - 2.5 grams per litre of water will result in a total graphene concentration of between 0.003% - 0.013% as a percentage of total weight of 1m3 of concrete. Or, equivalently, 0.008% - 0.042% as a percentage of total weight of 1 tonne of concrete (assuming 1 tonne of concrete weighs about 0.42 times the weight of 1m3).

Table 1. Examples of graphene ratios specified in Claim 1 and total graphene used in a typical 1m3 of concrete.

The invention concerns a product - the innovative and novel concrete reinforced with graphene, and is not concerned with regards to 1) how the graphene product is manufactured and 2) the form of the graphene product being used (ie. dispersion, powder or a paste). The invention focuses on the structural material concrete, not cementitious mortars, and has a wide scope of commercial applications as supported by Claim 10 and Claim 11.

Concrene Limited is a nanotechnology company which commerciliases its patent protected invention in combination with other existing technologies on the market. Concrene® is the trademark for the new, innovative concrete which decarbonises and replaces traditional concrete. Concrene® embeds the revolution of using nanotechnology in concrete and is neither a graphene product, nor a manufacturing process.

Concrene Limited works with a range of stakeholders in the construction industry to introduce the benefits of Concrene® and non-exclusively sublicense the patent-protected product. Successful examples include the US precast concrete manufacturer Fairview Hearthside.

Concrene Limited is also pleased to announce that it recently joined The Graphene Council and looks forward to working with the wider graphene industry to partner with a graphene supplier who manufactures at scale and will support Concrene®’s future growth on the American, Canadian and European markets.

We invite all interested stakeholders who consider working with graphene to reinforce concrete in the United States to get in touch and discuss opportunities for commercial partnerships.



*The aforementioned values for the concrete constituents may vary depending on the end concrete application, geographical location, external climate conditions and other materials used.

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