Founder & CEO

Dimitar invented Concrene back in 2014, and then developed & patented the technology as part of his doctorate work at the University of Exeter, under the close supervision of Prof Craciun and Prof Russo. 

He then founded the company in 2019 with Mark Croghan's support, aiming to bring Concrene to the market and positively disrupt the construction industry by massively decreasing the carbon emissions due to cement manufacturing. 

Dimitar is an expert in both graphene and concrete - an unique and very niched expertise, which brought two very different scientific fields together.


He is also a Real Estate Consultant at London-based Cast Consultancy (led by Mark Farmer), where he gained more holistic strategic skills and knowledge of the UK construction industry. Dimitar is a strong advocate of modern methods of construction (MMC), helping shape the UK government agenda for the residential sector.

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